Verico the Mortgage Station, Loan Sharks In Lefroy

Verico the Mortgage Station

Loan Sharks Defrauding Seniors in Simcoe County Now Hiding Behind a Wall of Lies and Deception.

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Our reports and evidence remain 100% uncontested by any identified person.

This 'threat' was sent by an anonymous coward who feared signing their own name.

  1. Our articles have been online throughout the time shown above; however, we have not received a single challenge to our fully-supported alllegations.
  2. All three brokers who are key to this documentary, David Flude, Lisa Purchase, and Renee Dadswell, have admitted in writing to our allegations.
  3. We have made multiple offers for the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station and their various corporate allies to explain their side of the story.
  4. Despite our multiple offers of détente, not a single representatives of any of these multi-million and multi-billon dollar companies has stepped up.
  5. We have offerred to cancel this documentary, and to delete all articles and videos, if any of the accused can disprove our claims on camera using evidence.
  6. So far, none of them have shown the courage to stand up and disprove our claims, meaning all of our allegations remain 100 per cent uncontested.
  7. These purportedly 'legitimate' companies, who secretly lie to their clients about us, appear so afraid of our evidence they will not challenge our allegations.
  8. If we were not factual in our reporting, any of those corporations could have attained a cease and desist order or other injunctive relief against us.
  9. Instead, all these wealthy corporations seem willing or able to do is hide in the dark and hope that their clients do not learn the truth.
  10. So far, 97% of comments made online or through emails, direct messaging, etc. have been supportive of our exposure of these criminal acts.
  11. The South Simcoe Police Service is subject to pending investigation after omitting evidence and falsify figures to help the wealthy brokers.
  12. The Producer is 35-year media veteran who has worked as an international television news in places like Bosnia and the Middle East, and as the Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper owned by the Washington Times.
  13. The Producer has also passed on that knowledge and experience by teaching at three community and private colleges in Ontario and British Columbia.
  14. The Producer and crew of this exposé documentary represent a not-for-profit community channel that since 2014 has donated more than $700,000.00 worth of services to more than 185 local charities, not-for-profits, benevolent special interests groups, and the towns and villages of Simcoe County.
  15. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the Producer and crew were nominated for and voted to the highest levels for an award for altruism presented by the City of Barrie and the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce.

Broker’s Convention Held On Our New Homepage - Verico the Mortgage Station

Most large companies hold an annual convention where their top salespeople and other movers and shakers meet to congratulate each other for another ‘best year ever’ and give each other awards that mean nothing to anybody but their inner circle. This year, it seems the brokers who work under the banner of Verico Financial Group Inc. met in Barrie, Ontario, on the homepage of our website. If not, maybe it was their competition?

Since Friday, January 12, 2024, we have been visited by several hundred new visitors from across the country, and we have now analyzed some of the data to better understand who most of them were.

The smaller of the two main groups to visit us this weekend was most likely the various brokers of Verico Financial Group Inc., who were sent to our new homepage directly via a link in an email, a Facebook post, or via Messenger. If it was not them, then it was most likely one of their larger competitors sending out a mass-email to let their agents know about this story, and how they can use it to their advantage. We admit we are speculating, as the activity is strange, but that link most likely came from the head office of whatever company, being sent out on masse to every broker in their network. The largest group to visit us clearly came from the Social Media Influencer who told us they were sharing our story with their 100,000 followers, which they clearly did. (See Latest News - January 12, 2024)

Was the smaller group a call to rally the troops, a meeting of the minds to figure out how to fix the damage caused by the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station, or an opportunist?

It seems likely that other brokers from the Verico Group would be less than impressed with their colleagues so blatantly violating the law and then hiding for more than a year and a half.

It seems likely that the brokers at the Mortgage Station are not the most welcome members of the family of investors who bought franchises in the Verico Financial Group Inc.

The direct links to our homepage read like Chinese code. An example is We know this was sent via a Facebook link because of the reference “fbclid” stands for Facebook Content Link ID. There were also references to an email server located at that leads back to our homepage, but which is not in any way associated with us. This was evidently used as part of a mass email and social media campaign to bring viewers to the new homepage for reasons we are still analyzing.

All of this clandestine skullduggery is totally unnecessary, as any of the people involved could clarify so many issues by simply picking up a phone.

David Flude is fully in charge of what we report, as all we do is tell the story of what he and his allies have done and what they continue to do to cover up their own criminal abuses of trust. Instead of facing the reality of their crimes, the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station hid for 18 months while they spent untold hours researching our pages from the darkness of denial. They refused to meet, under any conditions, even though doing so was a ‘regulatory requirement’ of David Flude as part of being licensed as a broker by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). They also have not contested our allegations, nor the empirical evidence that supports the facts, like the bank statement and mortgage Funds Disbursement Record that prove that Verico the Mortgage Station broker Renee Dadswell charged an interest rate of 198.25% on a loan of just 46 days.

The perpetrators of these crimes seem incapable of understanding that THEY are the ones who did wrong and that THEY harmed another person, and that THEY are not in any way the victims.

We can only guess that none of the other franchise owners are happy that the shame of the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station has now grown to touch every other franchise. You cannot conduct the most basic level of online research into Verico Financial Group Inc. without finding the truth of our reporting. That is only becoming more of a reality every day due to the creation of the standalone website, the assistance of our anonymous online promoter, and help from people like the social media influencer who brings with him more than 100,000 followers. Latest News - January 12, 2024)

The offer of an in-depth report by the US media conglomerate, that we have not yet accepted, would take this story to a whole new level.

That trickle through effect is an unfortunate reality for those who invested in a franchise of Verico Financial Group Inc., but all we have done is tell the truth about how three brokers who collaborated to defraud a client, and how their head office and the bank who made the loan looked away, wandered off, and simply played stupid to avoid dealing with the reality. Any backspin that hurts other brokerages is on them, one hundred percent, and it seems likely the franchise owners will see the truth.

The crimes of the small-town brokers in Lefroy are now affecting the image of the company and hurting the other likely ethical brokers in towns and cities thousands of miles away.

It was back in July of 2023 that we reported how the tactic of hiding for several months rather than dealing with their own illegal and unethical behaviour could result in the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station causing significant harm to other Verico franchises. That page, currently, is the second most viewed page by visitors, after the homepage. David Flude has had eighteen months to step up, to apologize, to make amends, and to own his actions. Instead, he and his brokers Renee Dadswell and Lisa Purchase simply ducked and dodged, apparently hoping we would just go away.

It is the attitude and actions of the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station that has perpetuated this story and generated potentially expensive harm to other brokers working under the Verico banner.

We can say with confidence that the hundreds of visitors from the smaller list are brokers because the list of cities and towns from which they came correlates almost exactly with the locations of Verico franchises across Canada. There were some anomalies, but they could be people who commute or who went away for the weekend. That group also visited our homepage using almost exclusively recent models of the iPhone with updated versions of the browser. Those visitors also, for the most part, did not venture past the homepage. It was like they had been given an assignment to review that specific page and submit their thoughts to head office. Finally, their visits started and finished like a gate opening on Friday afternoon, and then continued through to today. These visits also correlate with our producer’s decision on Friday, January 12, 2024, to update the representatives of the various banks and financial conglomerates that provide the money for the mortgages brokered through Verico the Mortgage Station. In his email, John provided a link to the new homepage, which several of the lenders then immediately visited.

This would suggest a high level of interest in our story and how it is developing.

This sudden rush of interest could suggest concern on the part of one or more of the lenders regarding how the transparently obvious crimes, as explained clearly on the homepage and cross-linked to the evidence, that were committed by the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station, could reflect on those presumably ethical provincially and federally regulated corporations. Also, details like anonymous professional SEO assistance, social media influencers sharing our content, and interest from the American network could understandably make them want to distance themselves. Clearly, everybody at Verico the Mortgage Station, Verico Financial Group Inc., and HomeEquity Bank are simply terrified of picking up a phone, so the craven alternative would be to rally the troops for ideas on how not to lose lenders, or to finally advise all brokers of what is happening. There is a reason why the banking industry is closely monitored for connections to organized crime, such as the mafia or biker gangs. It is not hard to understand why the same would apply on a much smaller scale regarding an entrusted and licensed mortgage brokerage that targets seniors, and which has done nothing to rectify the blatantly obvious crime of usury or loan sharking, other than to transparently ‘motivate’ the South Simcoe Police Service to help them make it go away. The crime was committed by one of their own of their own and has been covered up by them and two other brokers for more than eighteen months.

Our best guess is that the group from Verico, or their competitor, exceeded three hundred and fifty, which indicates a serious level of both interest and concern.

We can show using evidence that at one of the lenders, the email from our producer that was sent to one individual was then forwarded to half a dozen people within that office. This would suggest a very high level of concern, as that kind of action usually accompanies a request for a meeting to determine appropriate action. To paraphrase Newton’s laws, “Corporate policy at rest will remain so until outside influences demand change.” It is also not a stretch for these financial professionals to question why during a period of eighteen months the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station and W. Mark Squire, President and Chief Operating Officer at Verico Financial Group Inc. have not resolved this issue, unless it is because we are the ones telling the truth, and the corporate cover story is wearing thin. Remember that the relationship between Verico Financial Group Inc. and the various lenders is one of business, and the money merchants can cancel the agreement at any time if the balance of benefit over cost becomes unappealing.

It smells like a three-day old fish when two multi-million-dollar companies are accused of serious crime by a small, not-for-profit community channel, and all the giants can do is hide and play games.

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