Verico the Mortgage Station, Loan Sharks In Lefroy

Verico the Mortgage Station

Loan Sharks Defrauding Seniors in Simcoe County Now Hiding Behind a Wall of Lies and Deception.

A documentary in production for broadcast and streaming

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Our reports and evidence remain 100% uncontested by any identified person.

This 'threat' was sent by an anonymous coward who feared signing their own name.

  1. Our articles have been online throughout the time shown above; however, we have not received a single challenge to our fully-supported alllegations.
  2. All three brokers who are key to this documentary, David Flude, Lisa Purchase, and Renee Dadswell, have admitted in writing to our allegations.
  3. We have made multiple offers for the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station and their various corporate allies to explain their side of the story.
  4. Despite our multiple offers of détente, not a single representatives of any of these multi-million and multi-billon dollar companies has stepped up.
  5. We have offerred to cancel this documentary, and to delete all articles and videos, if any of the accused can disprove our claims on camera using evidence.
  6. So far, none of them have shown the courage to stand up and disprove our claims, meaning all of our allegations remain 100 per cent uncontested.
  7. These purportedly 'legitimate' companies, who secretly lie to their clients about us, appear so afraid of our evidence they will not challenge our allegations.
  8. If we were not factual in our reporting, any of those corporations could have attained a cease and desist order or other injunctive relief against us.
  9. Instead, all these wealthy corporations seem willing or able to do is hide in the dark and hope that their clients do not learn the truth.
  10. So far, 97% of comments made online or through emails, direct messaging, etc. have been supportive of our exposure of these criminal acts.
  11. The South Simcoe Police Service is subject to pending investigation after omitting evidence and falsify figures to help the wealthy brokers.
  12. The Producer is 35-year media veteran who has worked as an international television news in places like Bosnia and the Middle East, and as the Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper owned by the Washington Times.
  13. The Producer has also passed on that knowledge and experience by teaching at three community and private colleges in Ontario and British Columbia.
  14. The Producer and crew of this exposé documentary represent a not-for-profit community channel that since 2014 has donated more than $700,000.00 worth of services to more than 185 local charities, not-for-profits, benevolent special interests groups, and the towns and villages of Simcoe County.
  15. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the Producer and crew were nominated for and voted to the highest levels for an award for altruism presented by the City of Barrie and the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce.

Suddenly Overwhelmed With Options - We Need Follower Feedback

We got a bit of a surprise yesterday when we received a call from somebody identifying themself as a producer of social issues reports for a very prominent American media conglomerate. We will not name them here, as this is all very preliminary, and we are very open to saying that the network that is interested is most definitely not our first choice for collaboration, and we told them so.

We have confidence that our followers will be able to figure out who they are and why we are not as excited as some would think we would be.

Apparently, they learned about our story through a post by the social media influencer who told us they were sharing our story with their 100,000 plus followers. For details, see the short article in ‘Latest News’ dated January 12, 2024. That much appreciated support is also most likely the reason why our visitor log has been running at warp drive for the past three days. In addition to having experienced the busiest day in 2024 (albeit only 13 days at the time) our new Homepage is now the second most popular page overall of either the original or the new hosting sites, with the one in first place having had an eight-month head start.

Currently, our following is between six and seven times the average, and it is not uncommon for us to have multiple visitors, as many as ten, on the new Homepage at the same time.

There is no doubt that the combination of the shift to, the creation of the Homepage synopsis, the optimization of our content, the anonymous implementation of search engine optimization, and the efforts of the social media influencer, have collectively put us into a very different place regarding traffic and public awareness. We are, however, facing a balancing act, as the social media influencer and the television network are at polarized ends of the political and social spectrums, and we simply do not know the true agenda of the broadcaster, which is very 'America first' focused.

We do not want to push off what could be a long-term friend with similar ideologies for a flash in the pan report that may not result in generating any real interest.

Contrary to the unsupported rants of the anonymous aggressor who claimed to represent the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station, we base our stories on facts. That is why we have reported on various abusive actions in Simcoe County that no other media company has shown the integrity to step up and expose. However, regardless of the risks, we have never been successfully sued for defamation or libel. The only person who tried failed and was ultimately branded by the court to be a vexatious litigant, which banned him from ever using litigation to harass others. In a follow up motion for contempt, he was ordered by the court to pay $5,000.00 in costs to our producer and also to never post or publish anything about him again.

Anybody can huff, puff, and bluff to intimidate the media not to expose their own wrongdoing, but in a court of law, evidence and facts are all that matter.

We know how to substantiate what we write. That is why, despite their threats, the owners of Verico the Mortgage Station have taken no legal action to prevent the production of our exposé documentary about usury, or loan sharking that was undertaken by their brokers. That crime was committed by Renee Dadswell, with the assistance of Lisa Purchase, and the awareness and consent of David Flude. It was then ignored in the name of profit by both W. Mark Squire, President and Chief Operating Officer, Verico Financial Group Inc., and Yvonne Ziomecki – Fisher, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Sales at HomeEquity Bank.

The broadcaster in question has a history of not being so concerned about the facts, as has been substantiated by recent court rulings.

Also, their political leanings are antithetical to our philosophy of shared community care. On the flip side, exposure by them will draw more attention to our story by other mainstream media, hopefully this time in Canada. That is inevitable to occur now anyway, as the work of social media influencers reaches a phenomenal audience of both direct followers and those that learn from sharing, but the American broadcast would speed up the process.

We are not sure why, but this offer is tripping our ‘Spidey Sense’ and we are hoping to get some feedback from our followers, many of whom have known us and our work for up to 14 years.

We have created a simple six question survey, which is linked to the top of this page, but only the last question is ‘mandatory’. That question reads “Given that the intent of this documentary is to help protect the financial security of seniors, do you believe that it is a good idea to work with this American broadcaster that is known for sensationalizing factual content?” The other five questions are designed to help us better understand who we are serving, but if you don’t want to answer you can just brush past them to the final question.

We appreciate the assistance of our followers, and we hope we can count on you for some constructive feedback.

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