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Verico the Mortgage Station

Loan Sharks Defrauding Seniors in Simcoe County Now Hiding Behind a Wall of Lies and Deception.

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Our reports and evidence remain 100% uncontested by any identified person.

This 'threat' was sent by an anonymous coward who feared signing their own name.

  1. Our articles have been online throughout the time shown above; however, we have not received a single challenge to our fully-supported alllegations.
  2. All three brokers who are key to this documentary, David Flude, Lisa Purchase, and Renee Dadswell, have admitted in writing to our allegations.
  3. We have made multiple offers for the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station and their various corporate allies to explain their side of the story.
  4. Despite our multiple offers of détente, not a single representatives of any of these multi-million and multi-billon dollar companies has stepped up.
  5. We have offerred to cancel this documentary, and to delete all articles and videos, if any of the accused can disprove our claims on camera using evidence.
  6. So far, none of them have shown the courage to stand up and disprove our claims, meaning all of our allegations remain 100 per cent uncontested.
  7. These purportedly 'legitimate' companies, who secretly lie to their clients about us, appear so afraid of our evidence they will not challenge our allegations.
  8. If we were not factual in our reporting, any of those corporations could have attained a cease and desist order or other injunctive relief against us.
  9. Instead, all these wealthy corporations seem willing or able to do is hide in the dark and hope that their clients do not learn the truth.
  10. So far, 97% of comments made online or through emails, direct messaging, etc. have been supportive of our exposure of these criminal acts.
  11. The South Simcoe Police Service is subject to pending investigation after omitting evidence and falsify figures to help the wealthy brokers.
  12. The Producer is 35-year media veteran who has worked as an international television news in places like Bosnia and the Middle East, and as the Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper owned by the Washington Times.
  13. The Producer has also passed on that knowledge and experience by teaching at three community and private colleges in Ontario and British Columbia.
  14. The Producer and crew of this exposé documentary represent a not-for-profit community channel that since 2014 has donated more than $700,000.00 worth of services to more than 185 local charities, not-for-profits, benevolent special interests groups, and the towns and villages of Simcoe County.
  15. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the Producer and crew were nominated for and voted to the highest levels for an award for altruism presented by the City of Barrie and the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce.

Self-Destructive Branding 101 – Verico the Mortgage Station

It is a strange marketing strategy to brand yourself in the public eye as being the local business that syphoned into their greedy pockets the operational resources of a benevolent community social enterprise that helped every charity, not-for-profit, and benevolent community group that asked. However, that is evidently the image desired by David Flude, Renee Dadswell, and Lisa Purchase, the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station, and by association, their allies W. Mark Squire, President and Chief Operating Officer, Verico Financial Group Inc. and Yvonne Ziomecki-Fisher, Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales of HomeEquity Bank. Fortunately for them, their plan is working, and that brand is sticking to them like glue.

Maybe next time they can skim money from sick kids, the disabled, the infirmed, or injured puppies . . .
. . . except, they have already done all that.

Yesterday, our crew enjoyed a huge victory for one member of our community as we took delivery of a powered wheelchair that we had promised to provide to a young Barrie woman who had endured amputation after being hit by a car. A little more than two weeks ago we put out a call to our community, committing ourselves to help obtain for her a powered wheelchair as all she had was a one-wheeled push chair that was falling apart and virtually impossible to move.

Our appeal raised money, awareness, community spirit, and various offers of assistance.

Within 24 hours we managed to secure a fully functional non-powered wheelchair as a temporary stopgap. We have not seen Taylor since we delivered to her that new vehicle of freedom and empowerment, but we have been told she is getting around with effort. We continued to look and on April 12, 2024, with the assistance of our following and various community groups to whom we have donated services, we secured a virtually new powered model for her.

That is the power of community connections, and it is the reason we founded Five Points Media.

In an email to a prospective new client, dated October 26, 2023, David Flude, the Principal Broker at Verico the Mortgage Station described our philanthropic producer as: "The info you and everyone else can see is from a repeat serial agitator. He has been to court numerous times against neighbours, local politicians and we have had nothing but support from our mortgage associates . . . There is nothing aside from a severely disgruntled individual trying to promote his own business." Not only are all of those claims false but there is also no substantiating evidence of any kind.

There is no law against telling the truth and we have cross-linked every claim to hard evidence, which is why nobody has taken action to silence us through the threatened abuse of our civil system of justice.

Despite being caught red-handed lying as a broker to a client and defaming our Producer in the most cowardly way possible, David Flude, the principal broker at Verico the Mortgage Station has never apologised for his slurs and outright character abuses. That lack of character is particularly repugnant since when he demanded that we take down the facts of this story, under threat of a court-scorned Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) lawsuit, David Flude, while working under the guise of a make-believe 'anonymous agent', demanded an apology to the company, and to all of the brokers who had committed the fraud by loan sharking, and a retraction, and a public statement . . . and a pony, and a clown for his birthday party . . . yadda, yadda ;-). He also threatened specifically to sue all of the young interns and apprentices who work as part of our team and who are dedicated to using media within our community to help those in need.

Can there be a more brazen and obvious abuse of the court than to try to bully a group of young altruists through a threat of civil action for having the nerve to help expose the truth?

Then, when we refused to capitulate to threats, or to denounce ourselves for telling the truth, the high and mighty David Flude faltered at the gate by revealing he lacks the courage to put his money where his mouth is. Not only did he not file his claim in any court of law, but David Flude quietly slinked back into the darkness, refusing to address the crimes of his brokers or his own complacency.

The hypocrisy is that transparent, as the huff, puff, and bluff rhetoric of the loan sharks is not reciprocated by any display of honour or ethics in return, and they want seniors to entrust them with their life savings.

For almost two years the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station and their allies at Verico Financial Group Inc. and HomeEquity Bank have known that it is due to their actions and refusal to accept responsibility that our benevolent agency has been all but shut down. Lisa Purchase, a licensed and entrusted broker, dragged out the lending process on a mortgage from a promised three weeks to nine, despite being fully aware that the equity loan was being used to improve our services to our community. Apparently, her only concern was setting up our Producer as a mark for a grift by usury that was committed by Renee Dadswell. By his own written confession, that criminal offence was undertaken with the full knowledge and consent of David Flude, the principal broker at Verico the Mortgage Station.

It is also a fact that despite the timeframe, no person or corporation listed in our reporting has contested our allegations, which makes zero sense unless it's because they know we have the evidence to back up our claims.

Acts like the acquisition of this wheelchair for a young amputee woman down on her luck used to be a regular occurrence for our team, but due to the criminally and ethically abusive actions of the brokers at Verico the Mortgage Station and the profit-driven 'see no evil' mentality of their allies at Verico Financial Group Inc. and HomeEquity Bank who refused to investigate our fully supported allegations or take any other action, the damage they caused severely limited our altruistic abilities. We do not receive public funding, and we do not accept advertising, so being used and abused to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars by provincially licensed brokers who we were supposed to be able to trust severely restricted our ability to continue paying it forward to those in the greatest of need.

We cannot fathom how having the reputation of being the pickpocket of charities can help these corporations, but they have ignored every attempt at communication, and they refuse to explain their actions.

Our fully functional kitchen set.