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Verico the Mortgage Station

Loan Sharks Defrauding Seniors in Simcoe County Now Hiding Behind a Wall of Lies and Deception.

A documentary in production for broadcast and streaming

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Our reports and evidence remain 100% uncontested by any identified person.

This 'threat' was sent by an anonymous coward who feared signing their own name.

  1. Our articles have been online throughout the time shown above; however, we have not received a single challenge to our fully-supported alllegations.
  2. All three brokers who are key to this documentary, David Flude, Lisa Purchase, and Renee Dadswell, have admitted in writing to our allegations.
  3. We have made multiple offers for the brokers of Verico the Mortgage Station and their various corporate allies to explain their side of the story.
  4. Despite our multiple offers of détente, not a single representatives of any of these multi-million and multi-billon dollar companies has stepped up.
  5. We have offerred to cancel this documentary, and to delete all articles and videos, if any of the accused can disprove our claims on camera using evidence.
  6. So far, none of them have shown the courage to stand up and disprove our claims, meaning all of our allegations remain 100 per cent uncontested.
  7. These purportedly 'legitimate' companies, who secretly lie to their clients about us, appear so afraid of our evidence they will not challenge our allegations.
  8. If we were not factual in our reporting, any of those corporations could have attained a cease and desist order or other injunctive relief against us.
  9. Instead, all these wealthy corporations seem willing or able to do is hide in the dark and hope that their clients do not learn the truth.
  10. So far, 97% of comments made online or through emails, direct messaging, etc. have been supportive of our exposure of these criminal acts.
  11. The South Simcoe Police Service is subject to pending investigation after omitting evidence and falsify figures to help the wealthy brokers.
  12. The Producer is 35-year media veteran who has worked as an international television news in places like Bosnia and the Middle East, and as the Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper owned by the Washington Times.
  13. The Producer has also passed on that knowledge and experience by teaching at three community and private colleges in Ontario and British Columbia.
  14. The Producer and crew of this exposé documentary represent a not-for-profit community channel that since 2014 has donated more than $700,000.00 worth of services to more than 185 local charities, not-for-profits, benevolent special interests groups, and the towns and villages of Simcoe County.
  15. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the Producer and crew were nominated for and voted to the highest levels for an award for altruism presented by the City of Barrie and the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce.

Production Budget Opens New Paths To Exposing The Truth – Verico The Mortgage Station

The online media sharing tools we signed up for on April 17, 2024, see details on this Latest News page, include an analysis tool for reviewing the content reviewed and the online journey of those who visit our website. We copied over the data from our visitor analysis tools that have for several months kept track of who visited where, for how long, and where they went from there. The results were interesting, but not overly surprising.

The first recommendation by the AI tool was to produce more of the longer and more detailed videos.

Some videos, like the one found on "South Simcoe Police Service Now Omitting and Falsifying Evidence to Protect Loan Sharks" were much more popular than is true of the shorter and less detailed videos like the one used on the page entitled "HomeEquity Bank: Aiding And Abetting Loan Sharks Or Committing Omission by Feigning Ignorance?" The biggest problem has always been the amount of time and resources required to produce that kind of polished production.

So, today we ordered ourselves a new multi-core thread-ripper computer that is almost ten times faster than our existing edit suite.

So, today we ordered ourselves a new multi-core thread-ripper computer that is almost ten times faster than our existing edit suite.

So, today we ordered ourselves a new multi-core thread-ripper computer that is almost ten times faster than our existing edit suite.

The budget gives us some financial flexibility, and our Producer would rather drive a twenty-year-old car than depend on a five-year-old computer. Soon, our philanthropic producer will not need to do either. We can also now semi-retire the established edit suite (affectionately known as 'Punch It Chewy') as an offline video editing and media computer for use in rough content cuts that can then be advanced to the new faster system for effects and high-end tweaking. That will give us the ability to produce top-quality videos, that we know will get watched, and we can do it faster, better, and much more frequently.

Our reach on YouTube has never been what we hoped for, but when we released onto Facebook the video about the South Simcoe Police Service omitting key evidence, it was viewed by more than 45,000 people.

The issues we've had with YouTube will also likely be fixed by the tools from the media-sharing service, which already boosted all of our existing online video content, causing a significant bump in traffic. The creators of those media tools know infinitely more about the algorithms of optimization for that platform than we ever will. Our goal now is to produce multiple new videos of five minutes or longer for YouTube, and then release a much shorter trailer or teaser for it on Facebook, that will be boosted across Simcoe County, and will then be liked, copied, shared, etc. across Canada. We will also be manually adding those trailer videos to special interest groups on multiple social media platforms seeking the same results.

Our professional history is telling stories and reporting events through the powerful multi-level media of video, so it makes sense that we stay in our lane where our abilities are at their strongest.

Our fully functional kitchen set.